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Michael Harold

Michael Harold

Natural Sciences and Math Expert

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I am a Natural sciences enthusiast with a profound passion for Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, and Physics. Completed more than 1055+ online classes and exams for the students. So they score high and stress less!


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What Is Harder Chemistry Or Physics
What Is Harder Chemistry Or Physics

Both chemistry and physics are branches of science that explore different aspects of the physical world, and they have their own unique challenges. The difficulty of subjects like chemistry and physics can vary from person to person, as it often depends on individual preferences, strengths, and learning styles. Often, students, mostly from high school or […]

Why You Can't Do Simple Math Under Pressure
Why You Can’t Do Simple Math Under Pressure: Why Is Math So Stressful For Me?

Encountering stress while tackling mathematical problems is a widespread occurrence among students. The pressure tends to increase, particularly when faced with the ticking of a clock. This blog discusses the factors contributing to the stress associated with solving mathematical problems and provides valuable tips to overcome these challenges. Ten Reasons Why Math Might Feel Stressful […]

week 1 course project topic proposal upload

Are you ready to kick-start your Week 1 course project with an impressive topic proposal? Look no further! At Homework Provider, we understand the importance of a well-crafted and compelling project topic. Whether you’re struggling to come up with an idea or simply seeking guidance, we are here to assist you every step of the […]