DeVry BIS 245 Week 2 Quiz

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DeVry BIS 245 Week 2 Quiz

Question 1

When building a database, you should first

  • create and input the design of the table and reports at the same time.
  • determine the input and then design the tables.
  • determine the output and then design the tables.
  • input the data and then design the reports.

Question 2

All of the following describe a large database system except

  • different users may have different levels of access to data in the database.
  • simultaneous logging into a database is not recommended.
  • multiple users in the database are common.
  • the database could be split into a front and back end.

Question 3

Columns in an Access table are called

  • fields.
  • records.
  • relation.
  • tuples.

Question 4

Queries can do all of the following except

  • display specific records from tables and other queries.
  • perform calculations.
  • provide parameters at run time.
  • run from a table datasheet view.

Question 5

Relational table and relationship have different meanings; the difference is

  • relationships focus on query filters, whereas relational tables focus on filters only.
  • that there really is no difference.
  • a relational table defines a logical association between two relationships.
  • a relational table is a two-dimensional structure, whereas the relationship defines an association between the tables.



Question 6

A text data type has a maximum character size of

  • 50.
  • 200.
  • 255.
  • Limited only by memory

Question 7

The following describes characteristics of the caption property except

  • allows for spaces between words.
  • appears in datasheet, report and form views.
  • can be used in place of a field name in an expression.
  • can substitute a field name in datasheet view.

Question 8

Which of the following is NOT an example of a primary key?

  • ISBN number for a textbook
  • Last name
  • Social Security Number
  • Student ID

Question 9

Which of the following is NOT an Access data type?

  • Text
  • Currency
  • Name
  • Date/Time

Question 10

In Access, which item below is NOT considered a logical operator?

  • Equal
  • And
  • Not
  • Or