Devry CARD 405 Week 2 Career and Company Research Template

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Week 2: CARD 405 Week 2 Career and Company Research Template

[message_box bg=”#hex or http://imageurl”] Template and Grading Rubric
This document contains the template you will use to complete this assignment. Save the file by adding your last name to the filename (e.g., Week2_Career_Company_Research_Template_Smith.docx). Be sure to proofread and spell-check your work before you submit it.
A grading rubric is also available at the end of this document. [/message_box]

There are TWO parts to the Career and Company Research assignment.
Part 1: The O*NET Interest Profiler Assessment (14 points)



  • Complete the O*NET Interest Profiler Assessment, as explained on the Assignments page in the course.

O*NET Interest Profiler Assessment Results

1. What were your O*NET results for each category?
2. Depending on your selected Job Zone, which careers suggested by the O*NET appealed to you the most

Part 2: Company Research (58 points)

3. Complete the table below and link your one-, two-, and five-year goals (recall that you identified these in the Week 1 Personality Analysis and Job Consideration Report) to specific company research.

Part 3: Reflection (18 points)

4. What do you plan to do to ensure you achieve your goals? Some questions you might reflect on in your response include: How will I penetrate the hidden job market? How will I expand my professional network? Are there skills I need to be working on to be more competitive as a candidate? How will I track my job search? What resources can I use to help me in my job search and how often should I be contacting them? How will I ensure my resumé and other job-search tools stay current? Where will I look for job leads? How will I hone my interviewing skills? What will I do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to ensure I am conducting the most proactive job search possible?