Devry FIN 382 Week 3 Course Project

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Devry FIN 382 Week 3 Course Project

Course Project Vertical Analysis – Week 3

Your outline should include (but is not limited to) the following.

I. Identification of Significant Asset Items, Liability Items, and Comments on Revenue and Profitability – List specific issues that you think affect these items. For example, economic factors, new product launches, and recent news developments can affect the items. Information can be obtained from annual report write-ups, financial notes, and the Internet. Briefly comment on how they affect financial numbers such as sales, profitability, costs, revenue, and so forth. (10 points)

II.Relevant Ratios and Discussion of Your Findings of Vertical Analysis – Discuss briefly your vertical analysis findings, which are calculated automatically on the spreadsheet under the vertical analysis tab. Then, identify any key ratios that you think impact vertical analysis. (10 points)



III.Excel Spreadsheet Calculations of Vertical Ratio Analysis – Verify that your spreadsheet is calculating the elements of the vertical ratio analysis correctly, and provide a brief analysis of your findings. The spreadsheet does not need to be submitted this week; just state that the spreadsheet is calculating correctly for each company. (20 points)
a. Bibliography
b. Other back material, as needed: detailed tables, extended quotations from which shorter quotes are taken, and so forth.

Written content and explanations can be completed in a separate (Word) document.
Submit your outline in the Week 3 Dropbox titled “Vertical Analysis.”