Devry FIN 382 Week 4 Course Project


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Devry FIN 382 Week 4 Course Project

Course Project Final Ratio Analysis – Week 4

Your outline should include (but is not limited to) the following.

I.Explaining Business Objectives and the Effect of the Objectives on the Ratios – Briefly highlight if the ratios meet the criteria of the business objectives. These objectives can be found in the annual reports under CEO comments and business summaries. (10 points)

II.Identification of the Three Most Important Ratios for Your Companies and Support – Include why you think these ratios are the most important; what do they indicate about the financial health of each company? All ratios should be automatically calculated based on your input sheet from Week 2. (10 points)



III. Computation of Relevant Ratios and Comparison to Industry Data – Verify that all ratios have been automatically calculated on the spreadsheet. On a separate document, list the ratios in comparison to the industry. Industry ratios can be found on various financial websites. The list should be in a table format, showing Company A, Company B, and then the industry ratio. (20 points)

a. Bibliography
b. Other back material, as needed: detailed tables, extended quotations from which shorter quotes are taken, and so forth.

Written content and explanations can be completed in a separate (Word) document.
Submit your outline in the Week 4 Dropbox titled “Ratio Analysis.”