Devry FIN 382 Week 7 Course Project


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Devry FIN 382 Week 7 Course Project

General Expectations for your Final Course Project Submission – Week 7

This week, you should integrate the work you did on the project over the past six weeks to create a Course Project, and submit it to the Dropbox under the Course Project tab by the end of Week 7. A Word document, as well as the Excel document for each company, must be submitted. Also, submit a spreadsheet for each company completed.
This week, you should also be sure that you answered the following: “Which company has better financial ratios and why? What do the ratios indicate? Compare the financial ratios for the latest year to the industry averages. Is each company above or below the industry averages? Compare for each ratio.” All this information should come from your previous weeks’ submissions. A suggestion is to include a section in the paper that responds to each of these questions stated. A paper clearly outlined with separate sections generally reads easier.


Course Project Grading – To access a guide to how the project will be graded, please go to Doc Sharing.